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Britani Weems is a multifaceted innovative leader and trailblazer. She discovered her niche for fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship at an early age. She is the owner of Banger Boutique, an online clothing store curated for women. Her corporate leadership includes serving as a Business Consultant, Executive Director, and a Board Member of several Non-Profit Organizations. Britani has centered her life advocating for the voiceless, and restoring the identities and confidence of emerging leaders to maximize their fullest potential. In addition to simultaneously serving in ministry within various capacities.


Charged exist to equip women from all walks of life



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Are you ready to confront your fears, build your confidence, & transform your life? Join Britani's Six-Week Mentorship Program now!



Britani Weems is a Visionary Leader, Life Coach, Mentor, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, and sought-after Public Speaker. For over a decade, her relentless passion for empowering women has been undeniable. She is committed to inspiring change, and redefining cultural and socioeconomic boundaries, by imparting practical transformational strategies to cultivate a lifetime of success. Her CHARGED Mentorship Program (From Deficiency to Destiny) is a movement that revives the confidence, courage, and identity in women, as they navigate through overcoming the fragments of their past.

As a change agent, Britani's formidable leadership and life experiences have given her limitless opportunities to be the torch that reignites the zeal in leaders, organizations, and individuals. Britani is no stranger to life-altering opposition and adversity. She knows firsthand that every life can survive the most unimaginable challenges. Through overcoming trauma and establishing her identity, Britani's advocacy for redemption & healing has garnered the respect and trust of diverse communities. She has been recognized and awarded for her innovative leadership, professionally and personally. Britani is a powerhouse, a woman of influence and impact, who wears many hats, but the noblest of all is being a devoted mother to her beloved daughters.

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Britani is

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passionate personable & purposeful

Britani is a high energy universal speaker who knows how to capture the essence of any room. Her unique versatility conveys the attention of her listeners, establishing an instant connection!

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4-week mentorship program AND 4 private 1 on 1 sessions with Britani

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CHARGED From Deficiency to Destiny, is a 4-week mentoring and development program, that revives the confidence, courage, and identity in women 17 years and older. Developed, and under the leadership of Britani Weems, women will be encouraged, equipped, and empowered as they navigate through uncharted territories in their lives.

Did you know that women who have inherited or experienced trauma, often feel powerless, unheard, submerged, or defeated? In the absence of healthy strategies to overcome traumatic experiences, a woman’s life can feel obscured, deficient, and purposeless.

When faced with unprecedented hardships of her own, Britani confronted the uncomfortable truths of rejection, abandonment, abuse, betrayal, low self-worth and inevitable pain to recharge her confidence, refine her courage, and restore her countenance. Britani’s transparency, vulnerability, and profound wisdom have been a catalyst, transforming the hearts of generations of women worldwide.

charged is the right program for you if:

  • You’re ready to restore your life, heal and become whole again
  • Have a heart to honor accountability and break chains of complacency
  • Desire to gain practical tools to invigorate who you are as a leader
  • Eager to discover your identity, expound your wisdom, and activate your purpose to impact the world
  • Prepared to divorce your fears, confront your trauma, and leap into your destiny
  • Build both your internal and external confidence to transform your quality of life.

what mentees can expect from charged:

  • Four consecutive live virtual webinars comprised to enrich, enlarge, and edify your life
  • Digital workbook to document your personal development, weekly goals, and course highlights
  • Access to the CHARGED Mentorship Program private FB group for daily support and encouragement.
  • Interactive thought-provoking conversations geared to build emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.
  • A healthy, safe, and nurturing environment to become the best version of yourself.
  • An opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with a community of like-minded women.
  • There will be guest teachers and speakers, giveaways, and so much more…


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Being under Britani’s mentorship and guidance for almost three years has literally been life changing. Her consistency through every season and transition of my life has been comforting to know someone is willing to walk and evolve with you. She continues to push me out my comfort zone while exposing my blind spots. I am tremendously grateful for her support, wisdom and leadership.

Robyne H.

Britani has made a huge impact in my life as she has taught me to rediscover my self-worth; she has helped me pick up the broken pieces of my past and re-create a new piece of art that embraces my past experiences yet redefines who I’ve been, into who I am today!

Vanessa M.

Britani continually pushes me to be more than average! She is teaching me to lead with purpose even when it may not look like what I have envisioned. She is igniting the fire within me that has been dormant and training me to set a blaze wherever I go so that I too can be the example for those coming behind me!

Janet B.

Britani is a woman with an incredible vision who effortlessly knows how to connect with large groups of people both prophetically and professionally. Poised with compassion and truth, undoubtedly she can be trusted because her heart pure and words are always genuine.

Dr. C. Jones

My dreams would not be a reality without the guidance of Ms. Britani. She has been one of the safest people I've encountered throughout my life. When I met her I was broken, wounded and full of despair. Since having met her, I have discovered my purpose, voice, and passions. She gave me the tools to transform my life. Her guidance is a fresh of breathe air. Thank you Britani for helping me rebuild my life again.

Jasmine C.

Banger Boutique is for the everyday woman who can appreciate the evolution of fashion. Our garments are exclusive, exquisite, & eye catching.

These forever pieces are guaranteed to unleash your inner confidence and transform your entire aura.

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